Alex Crocker

Web Developer & UX Designer

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Penguin App Landing Page

Front-End Web Development

Inspired by the Python-based command-line tool I created in 2016, I was determined to dive head first into iOS development with Swift. This is the landing page for promoting the upcoming iOS app. It is built with Laravel and Vue.

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Penguin REST API

Back-End Web Development

Public Node-based REST API built with Express.js. There are only three endpoints, but it is very refined. The main route for checking is cached server-side using Redis on every request.

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MKBHD Fan Website

Full Stack Web Development

Made a little fan site for one of my favorite techtubers, Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD. The site is developed in PHP. It is fully responsive. It retrieves a batch of tweets , that mention MKBHD, on a regular basis and also pulls in the playlists from his YouTube channel.

About Me

Just a lil bit about the guy known as Croc...

I am a designer first and foremost with a growing passion for all things code and technology. Moreover, I am a dreamer. I enjoy brainstorming creative solutions to everyday problems and then building them.

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